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THE PROGRAM COMMUNIST PARTY OF BULGARIA Has translated from the Bulgarian V.S.Petruhin
22.04.2012, 11:58
(It is accepted on IV congress, April, 2003)
     In the first years of coming 21 centuries the mankind tests huge social shocks and infernal torments which are generated by the world capital embittered, got confused in unsoluble for it imperialism problems. Millions workers hope, that through these black clouds and a gloom the powerful light beam shining a way to communism, reviving hope and belief again will make the way, that the precept of uncountable fighters for equality, a brotherhood and freedom will be executed.
     Transition to communism is a nice and heroic way of struggle for clearing of work of the capital. Simultaneously it is infinitely difficult and inconsistent way of development sated with victories, partial deviations and defeats. But main and deciding that is a way of growth, lifting and communism approach. Struggle of communistic ideas against capitalism and their practical embodiment in 20 century has defined social, political and the ecclesiastic of last centuries. The communism and capitalism is the main contradiction of the world. Struggle of the work aspiring to clearing and for which clearing communists struggle, and the capital which severely protects and defends capitalism, - the main maintenance of a modern historical epoch.
     Power communistic and working-class movement roots not only in justice of their struggle, but also in materialistic understanding of history with which have armed proletariat F.Engels and K.Marx.
     The Marxism has allowed to make huge revolutionary jerk from a Utopia to scientific communism, has put in pawn bases of scientific communism and methodological principles of understanding of movement to it. Time of principles and the analysis of basic concepts, instead of positions taken dogmatically on trust has come. Classics always underlined, that the theory and communism practice constantly develop, do not stand on one place. The communism science is constantly enriched theoretical doctrine which does not suffer neither dogmatism in a concrete part, nor a revisionism in basic positions and principles. This live doctrine combining general and especial, main and minor, constant and passing, multifactorial and defined …
     It is necessary to recognise as fruitful development of the theory and Marxism practice, first of all, the doctrine of revolutionary proletariat developed and enriched by V.I.Leninym. The victory of the October socialist revolution has played a main role histories of the international working-class movement. It has successfully translated Marxism in a practical plane, has developed correct both victorious strategy and tactics. October has confirmed correctness of Leninism and has personally rejected claims of opportunism and its inability of revolutionary change of a society. The working people of all world has turned looks to saving Lenin ideas. In many countries communist parties of new type which gradually turned to solving force in struggle for the world, democracy and socialism were created.
     The party of the Bulgarian communists one of the first has apprehended and has realised at itself Leninism principles …
     … For years of the Soviet transformations we have created solid on scales scientific base and potential. This potential as exclusively important factor, was realised in the course of reproduction.
     Accruing economic power of the country provided rather quiet demographic development at which the big groups of agricultural population joined industrial army. The society structure changed.
     The socialist state has spent a number of social reforms which are not realizable even in very developed capitalist countries:
     - Unemployment has been completely liquidated;
     - The free public health services lifted on the highest level have been carried out, rest houses accessible to all are constructed. Children of workers were under special protection;
     - Outstanding successes formation and the culture completely adapted for requirements of process of reproduction have reached. Illiteracy is liquidated;
     - Pensions to the working people have been guaranteed by the state. Bulgaria first-ever has provided pensions to rural co-operators …
     … Contrary to the successes of socialist gains listed here, we became witnesses of sharp crisis which has suspended practice of construction of socialism in the end of 20 centuries and restored capitalism in the most part of the socialist countries. The certificate of reverse motion of history has been made quite peacefully, at a tacit consent of the huge majority of the population.
     Socialism and its crisis - epoch-making object which interests now world public thought.
     We witnesses of set of attempts to explain this new phenomenon in the theory and practice of communistic movement. We will show most typical of them:
     - The treacherous clique led by M.Gorbachev is guilty, first of all;
     - The communist party has become bureaucratic and has completely come off the people;
     - Political intrusion and subversive activities which was conducted throughout many years by the imperialistic centres is guilty;
     - The centralised planning, braking economic development;
     - обуржуазившаяся партократия, provoked these processes, realising the personal interests;
     - Socialist practice has lagged behind in the conditions of scientific and technical revolution, has missed development of information revolution, has not managed to realise a postindustrial society.
     Every day gives rise to new assumptions.
     In interests of true we should agree with the above-stated. But at the same time it is necessary to underline fatly, that any of them, taken separately, and in aggregate, cannot give the convincing answer to the main question: what was the crisis reason in a socialist society?
     We find the objective answer to this basic question of our present in Marxism primary sources.
     Фридрих Engels in 1878 warned: «the Modern state - what was its form - remains on the substance of capitalist car … the ideal cumulative capitalist. The more productive forces it takes in the property, the more it turns to the valid cumulative capitalist, that большее it maintains number of the citizens. Workers remain hired workers, proletarians. Capitalist relations are not destroyed, and opposite, lead up to the higher point. But on the top there will be a revolution».
     We firmly lean against this installation of scientific communism as at an estimation of the passed period of realisation of a socialist society, and by working out of strategy of the future actions. This postulate of classical Marxism adequately rejects listed above the assumption of the reasons of crisis of socialism and explains objective consequences of an event. Overcoming of crisis of socialism in the beginning of the third millenium demands from us, at ascertaining of unconditional achievements of the past period, the criticism leaning against dialectic materialism which will allow us to make a true step to development of the theory and practice of socialist and communistic building at the present stage ….
     … It is a question not simply of change of a capitalist society socialist, and about … transition from the alienation world (a kingdom of necessity, need, bondage), the private-capitalist manufacture of profit based on domination and all-round operation of the person, in freedom "kingdom": light of culture, creative activity, harmonious development of the person - in a communistic society. Such is scale of the problem facing to the left forces in the world. Our first problem - to reveal public relations which will make necessary and realizable a birth of a new society ….
     The coming restless century will be a century of world social revolutions of an oppressed class. Revolutions - a natural course of our time. It continuously causes the new phenomena and processes by a life. Energy of weights (productive forces) which create original history, is always shown by the new, transformed industrial and public relations. The carrier of these transformations are, and will be, first of all, - people of the wage labour its part most deprived of civil rights - working class … remains which kernel
     Change of the maintenance of work, structure of a social production, the person as factor of progress, relation "society-nature", will make necessary and realizable overcoming of frameworks of a today's private-capitalist society.
     We see and we underline following material preconditions of communism:
     - Transformation of creative activity, innovation into a progress primary factor; wage labour destruction; radical changes in a way of manufacture as a result of the information revolution which have roughly captured all world; self-reforming of classical capitalism as inevitable result of development of a technological basis and change of structure of a social production; occurrence of new type of public relations, the social device, corresponding to global changes of the modern world;
     - Occurrence of the new person - the creator, whose самомотивированный work in collective same as it, creators, is characterised much большей by productivity, than work мотивированного the capital hired hard workers;
     - Occurrence of new type of relations between the person and the nature (from a raw source the biogeosphere will turn to a cultural value, preservation and which reproduction becomes exclusively important duty of a society, a condition of its progress);
     The significant precondition of communistic transformation - the cultural riches which have been saved up by mankind.
     … the World as is never uniform, interconnected and at the same time vulnerable today. This unity is formed, first of all, by presence of global problems (the ecology, menacing use of the weapon of mass destruction, an overpopulation etc.) - the general for all mankind, разрешимых only the international efforts. At the same time the mankind has appeared in full dependence on an arbitrariness of large transnational corporations and several powerful powers and, first of all, the USA. The world and war, wildlife management, overcoming or growth of mass poverty of a huge part of mankind depend on these powers in practice.
     Overcoming of global problems, however, depends not only on power of the corporate capital of the developed countries. Are doomed to the increasing backlog of the country of the "third" world. Threat has hung and over the former "second" world. Korporativno-clan structures created in these states, monopolistically associations; the poverty, traditional bureaucratism and operation; low level of culture and oppressed national consciousness; the broken economy, the destroyed nature, the corrupted local elite, at the same time with imperialistic culture and the information digs a precipice which prophesies unforeseen consequences. Direct result of this influence - separatism, internal and international conflicts …
     … Inadmissibility of similar development can be guaranteed only on the basis of powerful, is international resisting to the capital, movements on work association …. For us it is clear, that this struggle can be finished to the victorious end only when she will be armed and inspired by ideas of communism.
     We can tell in the affirmative, that the system of socialism existing at us early has begun the world transition from capitalism to communism. It bore the positive beginning, but imperfect enough, from the point of view of scientific communism to construct steady model, base for the further development. It was the next attempt for a throw of people of work in freedom kingdom.
     Bulgaria has got under the power of the international capital which regulates now not only economic, but also political, and an ideological life of a society.
     We witnesses of unique historical transition from socialism by capitalism - socialism suffocations; changes of political and economic forms; sharp change of relations of the property in interests of new bourgeoisie; input of poorly controllable market environment accompanied by chaos and violence.
     Constructed with the big work and victims, the national economy is subjected the crushings, spent some years successively, criminal privatisation operated officials. Варварски the state ownership both to foreign investors, and the Bulgarian newborn capitalists is taken away, exsanguinated and sold, saved it is not known as the initial capital. Technological processes and industrial communications that has led to crash the whole branches of a national economy are broken. Result of such liberalisation and privatisation - sharp slump in production and a standard of living, economic chaos, stagnation and inflation. Hundreds highly professional experts and workers have appeared unnecessary and have taken a strong place on a labour market as the unemployed.
     Purposeful destruction of agricultural cooperation and, first of all, earth sale to private proprietors (thus, that it never at anybody has not been taken away) has shattered and has destroyed this created on decades, the modernised branch of a national economy. Today the huge part of the Bulgarian earth is not processed. It day when the earth bought on the foreign capital becomes the stranger in a native land is sold for nothing and near. 
     The new, specific public transitive social structure changes and created. There is a process of formation of the new classes, new class consciousness. The main thing - that the hired worker of the state (with corresponding protection of work) offers today on a labour market the labour to the private capital which dictates in advance known manufactures inherent in a capitalist way, sudorific and conditions deprived of civil rights. It is the environment generating fear, misleading, the leader to monotony, in many cases leading up to люмпенизации. For many people of work payment became only livelihood means …
     … the Exit only one - building of a socialist society, and the people, being based on own experience, is more and more convinced of it.
     The birth of a new society, - socialism, is international general lifting in mankind history. Transition to socialism as social practice proves, cannot be rectilinear. The true is that, as in the future we are waited by consecutive revolutions and counterrevolutions, recessions and liftings, but, finally, a socialism victory is inevitable. It is the social development law.
     Socialism - system of transitive relations which assume:
     Dying off of commodity relations and development of adjustable economy according to degree of nationalisation of work and ассоциированного participations in manufacture.
     Gradual clearing of work in the conditions of industrialisation … production of goods, combination of new forms of self-management with becoming obsolete old forms of management at considerable participation of workers in work on reports, in the control, decision-making, in assignment of public and private results of work.
     Dying off of class and social contradictions in the country, consecutive transformation of representation democracy into direct self-management of the people which excludes dictatorship of bureaucracy and traditional parliamentarism. Thus it is supposed:
     - The uttermost embodiment during a life of human rights - freedom of speech, conscience, meetings of meetings, creation political and public organisations etc.;
     - General development of industrial and territorial self-management as major factor of association of the population;
     - Transformation of mass organisations and movements into sovereign subjects of regulation of a public life;
     - Legislature formation on principles of representation from the local homing organisations with the right of a response, replacement etc., and also the independent judicial power selected directly from the people.
     The most important criterion of an estimation of a socialist way of manufacture - height of economic efficiency and a harmony of development of the person in comparison with capitalist way of manufacture.
     Achievement of effective economy and harmonious development of the person depends actually exclusively on joint creativity of weights.
     In the conditions of management of Bulgaria компрадорской a layer of old and new rich men, the general decline, coming poverty and hunger, ruin and full dependence of a national economy on domination of the world capital, we, Bulgarians, "are stabilised" at the bottom of a social precipice. And all this "alienation" in the conditions of "real" socialism has occurred from a tacit consent of weights. Occurring at us within two decades (and from us take away that is created by heavy work of all people), it is made without uniform serious protective reaction from the population.
     Defilement of concepts "socialism" and "communism" has deformed consciousness of people, has created an impasse …
     The spirit of the people, however, is still live. The people expect the best and trust in a light beam of good for itself and children. Also he trusts a voice of true and is ready to work wonders again to feel the person and to be proud that he is a Bulgarian.
      The human history is a process of search of such true. It can be realised only efforts of wide broad masses. We, party of communists, urged to be the catalyst of potential energy of the working people directed to realisation of a good and happy life. Our problem - to organise the working people, to become a conscious advance party of transformation of a society on a way to socialism. Only so we will return trust to the idea, which name - communism. At it the huge theoretical inheritance, rich practical experience of formation both on the Bulgarian earth, and in other countries which are carrying out and carrying out now building of socialism.
     First our problem - by all means - to create conditions for self-organising of weights, to do realised and purposeful spontaneous actions protesting, to open and propagandise our vision and the decision of concrete problems.
     The decision of this problem will remove a problem of building of a social base of party. The self-organised social structures of a society (association) are necessary for transforming into self-management schools, and their most active part to involve in communist party. Mass ассоциирование workers will create a socially-material basis of public self-management. It is a question of management of a society on all space - from a production team of the enterprise and the house in microdistrict, to branch and national level …
     Self-coping social structures it is necessary to capture all spheres of a public life. Integration can be reached only on the basis of mutual, supplementing each other, joint interests supplementing each other. Communists should be a regulator of integration processes in many cases.
     Self-management is a social base of realisation of principles of direct democracy.
     Direct democracy is a threshold to realisation of socialist transformations.
     Self-coping associations (industrial, scientific, cultural, territorial, ecological and so on), based and operating on the basis of a public property, - the objective precondition for state dying off at the same time with all its institutes imposing to a society operation, oppressions and an inequality.
     With inevitability there will be a new control system of joint public work. It will be created ассоциированными by workers.
     The second - the Community - historically stood apart part of people. Actually is a society in a reduced form with all its problems and contradictions. We study experience of communities, the way of overcoming of characteristic problems and contradictions is found. The new possibilities taken from experience, can serve as model for the decision of problems of all society.
     In a community development and occurrence possibilities самоорганизующейся and a self-coping formation (a certain step in society development) open. However at the given stage the existing form of management does not allow to be shown to the civil initiative completely. Representative democracy has penetrated from top to bottom all control system in the state, has transformed a community into the ordinary tool for carrying out of the centralised policy, the device for pressure removal in the top echelons of power.
     Self-management introduction in a community assumes, first of all, an establishment of principles of direct democracy. The decision of this or that question can be carried out directly on a referendum (modern communications allow this practice). It sharply enhances the responsibility subjects for acceptance of faultless decisions.
     This approach can be used and at parliament structurization. Instead of delegation for the certain period of deputies which in most cases cannot comprehensively and competently meet high requirements (time энциклопедистов has passed), self-coping communities can find and give the rights of the decision of concrete problems to the most prepared representatives from the environment. It guarantees competence and correctness of this or that decision. Such approach solves, including, problems of lobbyism which are looked through in activity of today's parliament.
     Ministerial council as the functional enforcement authority, also is subject to new judgement. The main thing here - its transformation from is administrative-bureaucratic body in body, организуемый self-coping community and the subordinate to its ox serving our general interests and ideas, guaranteeing achievement of the uniform public purposes.
     Very important element guaranteeing viability of public system, - industrial and an agricultural production. Changes after November, 10th, 1989 have led to liquidation of the whole branches of a national economy. The Bulgarian manufacture takes the extremely unenviable place in the international division of labour.
     The privatisation spent by means, inherent in early capitalism, has shown full inability to revive our manufacture. Instead of revival - full defeat of the enterprises constructed by the people.
     At us quite certain sight at the perverted criminal privatisation. At the proved infringements and default of contracts should follow judicial responsibility and реприватизация: to return the enterprises to the state, to give on competition to the collectives, ready to revive manufacture to them. The management form at these enterprises cannot be other, except self-management (labour councils, etc.). Does not demand the proof, that on a life this form of managing (self-management) is stronger than the private. A state role in the revived manufacture - to create on the basis of the social production analysis the guaranteed long-term priority programs of development.
     The agriculture worries a collapse, is rejected on decades ago. Its restoration will be difficult and long process, will expensively cost to all society. Cooperation - in crisis. In the country the huge not processed ground areas. The rent form of processing of the earth conducts, first of all, to its injurious use and destruction. The institutes providing scientific back of agriculture are liquidated or finished to a pity condition. Sale of the earth to foreigners is legislatively provided. The probability of revolt of the people which lives on the earth is huge and feeds strangers.
     Ways of an exit from this crisis condition - in reduction of the legislation and tax system in conformity with vital needs of agriculture. It is necessary to stimulate manufacture of this sector really.
     All today's contradictions of an agricultural production can be resolved only at realisation of the socialist form of management, namely self-management of territorial communities. 
     The high-grade life in the modern world is impossible without constant growth of intellectual level of the people. Development of a science, education, culture, the whole complex of actions for spiritual lifting of the people - вернейшая a guarantee of our prosperity.
     To us it is necessary quickly and according to economy requirements to deduce institutes of fundamental science from poverty in which they are. The reason of their present condition - weak return from the means enclosed in them. On the other hand, are the best investments in the people future.
     Applied sciences should be transformed into an inseparable part of actual manufacture of self-coping communities. Formation cannot resolutely exist in a today's kind. Calls of a new century can be accepted only высокообразованными persons. Not equivalent social status of the population dooms today the most part of young men to illiteracy and semi-literacy. This fact can be overcome only in the conditions of the homing people of-socialism.
     Culture development - a duty of a revived society. Here it is a lot of problems. The administrative approach for last years has generated a lot of platitude and has low lowered a creativity lath, having humiliated, thus, both creators, and the people. The deep trace of the Bulgarian art workers always was and will be connected with the most secret (treasured) ideals of the Bulgarian people. Culture revival is possible today only by socialist transformations which will be made by our people. We are convinced, that new generations of creators will be bright spokesmen of these transformations.
     The condition of our public health services is catastrophic. Today the part of workers of public health services is transformed into ordinary businessmen, and all the others are deprived elementary conditions for the qualified help to patients. The more patients, the there are more incomes of the doctors earning on misfortune of people. It any more public health services, and здравоотнимание. Free treatment - only a signboard covering it true, paid essence. For the people (people низкооплачиваемых, the unemployed, with beggarly pension) there is only a self-survival. It is a maximum of modern "humanism".
     We, communists, see the worker of public health services ассоциированным a member of a self-coping socialist community. Its competence will be subordinated to certain rules, according to the internal contract with a community.
     Pensioners - the huge part of the people doomed by today's changes on pity and, in essence, isolated from life of the country existence. There is no other public formation, except capitalist which would show such unscrupulous relation to this part of a society in which are concentrated knowledge, experience and the ability based on them. The age influences variously individual skill, and possibilities can be estimated only environment in which abilities of everyone are realised. Such environment can be only socialist.
     Capitalism as the social order, bears in itself and continuously generates violence, terror, prostitution and hatred. The today's society is captured completely by these illnesses … the question Decision - in wide involving of all society in struggle against the negative phenomena, and it is possible only in the conditions of socialism.
     The same concerns national safety. The guaranteed protection of the Bulgarian citizens against possible encroachments can be reached only on the basis of building of the militarised structures in homing communities under their home nursing, and on occasion under the centralised management at national level. The people will take Native land protection in hand.
     The young generation of Bulgaria grows in the environment of impulses alien to it and impracticable desires. Only minimum percent of our youth has the provided good future. Many, having spread the not strong wings, search for the decision of the problems on foreign land and turn to modern slaves so-called «the developed countries». Thousand young men from institutes and schools become the unemployed. Quality of preparation does their not competitive on a modern labour market. A choice of these young men - socialism.
     Socialist transformations is the objective and at the same time inconsistent process which necessity remains in mankind constantly. Its discrepancy demands from Communist party of full mobilisation, that at all stages of development to give true and exact estimations to direct movement to a correct channel. The party has a necessary huge mental potential, understanding of the modern social processes, shown contradictions and a way of their permission. Indissoluble communication with the social base - people of wage labour is necessary to party. The communist party should become opened for new ideas and creativity to be action party.
     The communist party of Bulgaria really estimates the role and a place in the future revolutionary process. This time it is not lonely …
Has translated from the Bulgarian V.S.Petruhin

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