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To the secretary of communist party of Bulgaria George Vanevu (c) V.S.Petruhin
06.05.2012, 10:42
To secretary КПБ

To George Vanevu

      We have received (09.02.2010) «the Program of Communist party of Bulgaria …» and have translated it. As translated the text (V.S.Petruhin), some errors are possible. Nevertheless, your position on all questions shined in the given Program is clear to us.
      At meeting of Initiative group NK PRKR (07.04.2010) the decision to place "Program" transfer into a site is accepted and to acquaint with it the left wing of Russia.
     With satisfaction we inform, that completely agree with many positions of your Program. Namely:

1. «The Marxism has allowed to make huge revolutionary jerk from a Utopia to scientific communism, has put in pawn bases of scientific communism and methodological principles of understanding of movement to it. Time of principles and the analysis of basic concepts, instead of positions taken dogmatically on trust has come. Classics always underlined, that the theory and communism practice constantly develop, do not stand on one place. The communism science is constantly enriched theoretical doctrine which does not suffer neither dogmatism in a concrete part, nor a revisionism in basic positions and principles. This live doctrine combining general and especial, main and minor, constant and passing, multifactorial and defined».

2. «(About the reasons of crisis of process of socialist formation) we find the objective answer to this basic question of our present in Marxism primary sources. Фридрих Engels in 1878 warned:« the Modern state - what was its form - remains on the substance of capitalist car … the ideal cumulative capitalist. The more productive forces takes the state in the property, the its transformation into the cumulative capitalist will be fuller and the it will maintain more number of citizens. Workers remain hired workers, proletarians. Capitalist relations are not destroyed, and, on the contrary, are lead up to the higher point. But on the higher point there is a revolution. The state ownership on productive forces does not resolve the conflict, but it comprises possibility of its permission »».

3. «Overcoming of crisis of socialism in the beginning of the third millenium demands from us, at ascertaining of unconditional achievements of the past period, the criticism leaning against dialectic materialism which will allow us to make a true step to development of the theory and practice of socialist and communistic building at the present stage».

4. «Our first problem - to reveal public relations which will make necessary and realizable a birth of a new society».

5. «Energy of weights (productive forces) which create original history, is always shown by the new, transformed industrial and public relations. The carrier of these transformations are, and will be, first of all, - people of the wage labour its steadiest part - working class» remains which kernel.

6. «Dying off of class and social contradictions in the country, consecutive transformation of representation democracy into direct self-management of the people which excludes dictatorship of bureaucracy and traditional parliamentarism».

7. «The most important criterion of an estimation of a socialist way of manufacture - height of economic efficiency and a harmony of development of the person in comparison with capitalist way of manufacture. Achievement of effective economy and harmonious development of the person depends actually exclusively on joint creativity of weights».               

     We (YOKES «НК» on creation ПРКР) recognise that the Soviet state - «the cumulative capitalist», or «the state capitalism at communism» (V.I.Lenina's definition), too hasty, in person I.V.Stalina, declared itself socialist system, having imposed this definition to all to "socialist camp». Thus, a transition period has turned in «constructed (developed, mature) socialism» and the road to original socialism that has led to natural shocks in 90th years of last century has been closed. The impasse was aggravated with absolute misunderstanding of essence of socialism (it was not fulfilled by kateder-economists and politicians of the USSR), and, hence, misunderstanding of a direction of movement. From here - falling in a capitalist ditch, whence we will get out (we will get out necessarily), leaning:

- On dialectic materialism,

- On an objective estimation happened,

- On essence of original socialism,

- On the revealed socialist relations of the property, «public relations which will make necessary and realizable a birth of a new society».

      We (YOKES «НК» on creation ПРКР) consider an event as crisis of socialist formation. We consider, that in Russia (1985-1991-1993 гг) the socialist revolution finishing the cascade of Russian revolutions of the XX-th century on a way to socialism has proceeded: revolution 1905-1907 гг; February bourgeois-democratic revolution 1917 г; the Great October Socialist revolution 1917 г in which result there was «a state capitalism at communism (V.I.Lenin, ПСС, изд 5, т. 45, s.84-85), a transition period from capitalism to socialism which because of a top of the CPSU which has turned in« the cumulative capitalist », was pathologically tightened; National Revolution 1991-1993 гг which has released Soviet Union from the CPSU power, differently: has cleaned a serious obstacle (as it is paradoxical sounds) on a way to a socialist way of manufacture.
      We (YOKES «НК» on creation ПРКР) are ready to compare about our sights at a socialist way of manufacture, and also representation about ways of erection of a new society that with new forces, in the union with КПБ to go to our general victory.



The representative of YOKES «НК» on creation ПРКР of V.S.Petruhin
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