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22.04.2012, 12:05
(1917 - 20?? Years)

        The Marxism has learnt the capitalist law of manufacture and surplus value assignment. To learn - means to see, formulate and meaningly to apply that exists actually (in the nature and a society) besides our will (rotate planets, apples fall, are born, make the life and people die). That one work, and others use fruits of their work, it was known always. Parents feed helpless children is one kind of using fruits of another's work (the nature law). Children feed the helpless parents is a second kind of using fruits of another's work (the law of a human hostel). Slaves, farm laborers, serf, hired workers create and increase riches of employers is a third kind of using fruits of another's work (laws of a pre-capitalistic and capitalist hostel). Thus, the Marxism has looked in a root and has formulated, i.e. Has short and precisely expressed essence of that public phenomenon which was shown constantly and everywhere about what knew all. Peasants knew, that on their money there lives the landowner, the slaveholder knew, that he lives for the account of work of the slave, A.S.Pushkin has expressed this knowledge in «to the Fairy tale on the priest and its worker Balde»: «Lives Балда in поповом the house, Sleeps to itself on straw, Eats for a four, Works for a seven...». Easier about surplus value manufacture you will not tell.
        So, the capitalist law of manufacture and surplus value assignment says, that the surplus value is made by hired workers, and its employers - proprietors of means of production appropriate. The Marxism essence consists that the surplus value should, and it will be inevitable, to belong to those who makes it, - the worker. But for this purpose workers should take hold of means of production because to appropriate results of the work, to own, use and dispose of them, proprietors of means of production can only. K.Marks, addressing to workers: «Instead of the conservative motto:« Fair wages for the fair working day! », workers should write on the banner the revolutionary slogan« Destruction of system of wage labour! » /to. Marx, F.Engels. Соч.2-ое изд., т.16, s.154-155/. It was confirmed with Engels in works «Fair wages for the fair working day», «wage labour System», "Trade unions", accordingly: «So, we will bury forever the old slogan and we will replace with its another: MEANS OF LABOUR - RAW MATERIALS, FACTORIES, CARS - IN POSSESSION of WORKERS! (Capital - it is allocated by Engels);« … therefore original clearing of working class is impossible until it does not become the proprietor of all means of labour - the earths, raw materials, cars etc., and thereby and the proprietor of ALL PRODUCT of OWN WORK. »(Capital - it is allocated by Engels);« The working class remains to what it was and than were not afraid to name its our ancestors чартисты, - a class of hired slaves. Whether be that owe a final analysis of all these efforts, self-sacrifice and sufferings? Whether it should remain for ever the prime target … workers? Or the working class … should, at last, try to be pulled out from this vicious circle and to find a way out in the movement directed to DESTRUCTION of the SYSTEM of WAGE LABOUR? »(Capital - it is allocated by Engels) (K.Marx and F.Engels, ПСС, т. 18, p. 255-265)
        V.I.Lenina's merit and Bolsheviks that in 1917 they have released space for practical realisation of fair assignment by workers of a product of the work. On this space nationalisation of national riches of Russia has begun. Other way to a socialist way of manufacture, except as through the state pattern of ownership, at that time was not and could not be. Even if revolution would occur in the developed capitalist countries, the state form - is inevitable, because in the conditions of a capitalist trade secret, and dissociation of basic social and economic indexes, realisation of calculations necessary for socialist assignment is impossible for plurality. V.I.Lenin has correctly characterised this epoch as «the state capitalism at communism».  
        I.V.Stalin understood, that alienation of a surplus value at those who makes it, is an operation. Understood, that the surplus value should belong to those who makes it. But a way of assignment of a surplus value (profit) it is direct workers, and, hence, a way of possession, using and the order national property directly people, self-management of the people he did not see and could not see in created послереволюционных conditions. In its consciousness the people were personified by party, and the state was socialist though available there was only state pattern of ownership as the transitive form to socialism. Stalin's error that it, correctly understanding necessity of assignment of a surplus value (profit) the Soviet state for the purpose of improvement «positions of all working class as a whole», has disagreed with Lenin definition of this transitive form. On November, 25th, 1936 Stalin declared: « Our Soviet society has achieved that it has already carried out basically socialism, has created a socialist system … »(the Report at Extreme VIII All-Union congress of Councils). Thus, the state form and a way of assignment and redistribution of a surplus value (profit) in the USSR were declared as socialist. As a result the original socialism has not received theoretical (an official science) and practical end during the Soviet period.
        Stalin's who was not supposing heterodoxies actions, have interrupted the further development of the state in the necessary direction all to the people, have led to CPSU undivided rule. Communists have gone not on a way of socialisation of a state ownership, and on a way of strengthening of the state and the power. Each member of a society instead of becoming the interested co-owner of the general property, became the state passive accessory with which it was necessary to push and motivate with all ways that operated.
        But Marxism on that and Marxism. He does not invent, and ascertains, leaning against a real life. He analyzes the validity in its development. And the dialectics is that: the capitalist law of manufacture and surplus value assignment as its workers make, having passed through the state form of assignment for the people (as was in the USSR), should, inevitably to be transformed to originally socialist law of manufacture and assignment: who makes, that and appropriates results of the work in the conditions of co-production. It was promoted by a Marxist science of economy, matchless social and economic experience of the USSR and an operating time of the Central statistical management of the USSR.
        Leaning against a Marxist science, the Soviet validity and techniques ЦСУ, V.S.Petruhin has developed a way of originally socialist assignment by workers of results of the work. Its articles and the book: «to Work on profit», magazine "Non-Black Earth Region" №1, 1989; «to Pay for work», magazine "Non-Black Earth Region" of №6,1988; «the Package of the specifications and technical documentation for working off of new relations of the property in economy and at the processing enterprises of Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production of RSFSR», Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production of RSFSR, 1991; «Thread Ариадны», the Moscow State University, 1995; «Management ХХ1 of a century», М-1998; «History and the economy future», М-2009 year.; set of materials in the newspaper «Economic and philosophical newspaper», and also on the Internet.
        Workers in the conditions of socialism (as well as in the conditions of capitalism, and in the conditions of transitive «the state capitalism at communism»), also make a surplus value. But with that huge difference what to appropriate a surplus value those who makes it should, - workers. The result of work finds the original manufacturer. And not through the intermediary, and directly. The developed new way of the personalised assignment in a social production, transforms each hired labour into the proprietor-co-owner, and all people - in the original owner of the general national riches. According to a new way of the assignment, everyone it is rendered - in conformity with the made surplus value and standards of obligatory payments. Not interested hired worker turns to the active socialist proprietor of the general means of production, becomes a source of the higher labour productivity.
On November, 18th 2009г.

Members of Initiative group «New Communists» on political party creation «Party of working class of Russia»:

A.V.siskin, the hired worker - worker ФГУП «Гознак»/Moskva/;
L.I.Stoljarova, the hired worker - engineer-prochnist ФГУП ЦНИИТМАШ/Moskva/;
A.A.Kovalyov, the hired worker, d.e.n./Moskva/;
E.P.Solovyova, the hired worker (office)/sankt - Petersburg/;
Z.K.Rotkina, the hired worker - the employee of the municipal enterprise / the Moscow Region/;
O.S.Zadorozhnyj, the author of the International project «Solar hydrogen»/Moskva/.
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