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29.06.2012, 10:17

What to do, when mothers kill children?
What to do, when children kill the parents?
What to do, when children torture the coevals?
What to do, when schoolboys scoff at the teachers?
What to do, when teenagers and youth наркоманят?
What to do, when higher educational institutions let out ignoramuses?
What to do, when the constructed constructions fall on eyes?
What to do, when nationalities hate each other?
What to do, when prostitution - unique profitable business for girls?
What to do, when the pedophilia prospers?
What to do, when the youth hates old men, and old men - youth?
What to do, when larceny captures 2/3 population?
What to do, when pedestrians hate motorists, and drivers - pedestrians?
What to do, when among youth the debauchery prospers?
What to do, when the youth has no place to live and create a family?
What to do, when to youth and people is more senior 50 there is no place to work?
What to do, when worthless people operate official bodies?
What to do, when ignoramuses bring up children in gardens?
What to do, when ignoramuses heal children and adults?
What to do, when at schools of the ignoramus learn and bring up ignoramuses?
What to do, when corruption by a cancer tumour corrodes all society?
What to do, when officers live in misery without habitation?
What to do, when it is destroyed and the domestic industry is not restored?
What to do, when the domestic agriculture is disorganised?
What to do, when mass-media throw out immorality and nonsense tubs on heads of people?
What to do, when heads of regions, cities, self-managements think of itself, instead of about people?
What to do, when Russian children - a biomaterial for the West?
What to do, when soldiers kill the colleagues?
What to do, when courts condemn not the guilty?
What to do, when people "voluntary" die?
What to do, when in shops sell the products obviously ruining health of people?
What to do, when housing and communal services do by debtors of tenants who regularly pay under accounts and anything коммунальщикам should not?
What to do, when the prices for all goods grow?
What to do, when people how animals, kill each other?
What to do, when destroy Russian culture?
What to do, when cities collapse, turning in phantoms?
What to do, when in Russia it is terrible to person to live?
What to do, when the criminality prospers?
What to do, when people are afraid of police?
What to do, when utilities for last 10 years have grown in 13 times, and in houses all the same ruin?
What to do, when from a Russia map for last 10 years 13300 villages and 298 cities have disappeared?
What to do, when for years of reorganisation the population of Russia was reduced to 40 % and continues to be reduced?
What to do, when daily in Russia 100 persons because of overdose of drugs die nearby?
What to do, when for years of reorganisation the number of comprehensive schools in Russia was reduced on 19 thousand, and instead of them mosques, synagogues, orthodox temples intensively are under construction?
What to do, when 92 % of the large Russian industry, banks, ports is a foreign property?
What to do, when in banks of Switzerland is about 25 billion dollars of the Russian origin?
What to do, when in extreme poverty there are 13,4 % of the population with incomes below 3.422 roubles a month?
What to do, when in poverty there are 27,8 % of the population with the income from 3.422 to 7.400 roubles?
What to do, when in poverty 38,8 % with incomes from 7.400 to 17.000 roubles are interrupted?
What to do, when above poverty live 10,9 % with the monthly income from 17.000 to 25.000 roubles?
What to do, when with an average prosperity there live 7,3 %, their incomes from 25.000 to 50.000 roubles a month?
What to do, when to well-founded concerns 1,1 % of citizens, they receive from 50.000 to 75.000 roubles a month?
What to do, when only 0,7 % rich have the income over 75.000 roubles a month?
What to do, when the minimum wage rate (minimum wage rate) of the hired worker in Russia for 01.06.2011 made 4.611 rbl./mes, and the official living wage for able-bodied population for 14.06.2011 made 6.986 rbl./mes?
What to do, when average statistical life expectancy of the Russian man makes 58,9 years?
What to do, when in Russia for 2010 13.000.000 invalids with different severity level of disease and увечий have been registered?
What to do, when the maintenance of one prisoner in a colony of a strict mode manages to tax bearers in 6.800 rbl. of/month, the average size of pension, on the average across Russia, 6.629,76 rbl., and the minimum monthly old-age pension to Russia, 2.723 rbl. 41 коп make?
What to do, when the population of Russia concentrates round the big cities, the migration centres of gravity in the country are Moscow (60 %) and St.-Petersburg (18 %), and in Siberia which area makes almost 3/4 territories of Russia, lives less a population quarter?
What to do, when an aggregate number of the population of Russia, under our data, makes approximately 129.700.000, of them 8.370.000 foreheads of the unemployed, 29.745.000 persons - in spheres of development of business, innovative technologies, creations of the newest weapon and the space technics, the others: pensioners; soldiers, the personnel of KB and HIGH SCHOOLS; FSB structure, ФСО, services спецсвязи, ФПС, СВР; employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, ФМС, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Internal armies, ФСИН, Ministry of Justice and Office of Public Prosecutor; workers of customs, tax, sanitary and other inspections; officials of licensing, supervising and registration bodies; the device the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and state загранучреждений; employees of federal agencies, the ministries and departments; employees of pension, social, insurance and other funds; deputies and employees of devices of power structures of all levels; clerics and обслуга religious and cult constructions; notaries, legal bureaus, lawyers and prisoners; The personnel of private security structures, detectives, the security guard?
What to do, when in Russia - over 4.580.000 alcoholics, more than 2.870.000 addicts, mentally sick 978.000, about 890.000 sick of a tuberculosis, from above 22.400.000 persons - hypertensive persons, not less than 2.380.000 persons - a HIV infected?
What to do, when Russia takes the second place in the world on distribution of counterfeit medicines?
What to do, when cost of medical products in Russia in 3-4 times above the international control prices for similar preparations?
What to do, when in Russia annual volumes of bribes in courts reach 210 million dollars?
What to do, when Russians annually give to 3 billion dollars of bribes in various instances, and about 25 % of Russians are interested in preservation of corruption of a society?
What to do, when in Russia from above 300 persons every day are missing?
What to do, when 60 % of Russians have no children and do not plan to get them, 8 million abortions a year becomes, on 100 women of genital age it is necessary 124 children, and for simple numerical compensation of generations 215 children are necessary?
What to do, when every year 180.000 persons in Russia die «for the reasons connected with influence of harmful and dangerous production factors», more than 200.000 persons are traumatised on manufacture, is registered 10 thousand cases of occupational diseases, more than 14.000 persons become invalids?
What to do, when in territory of Russia live from 12 to 14 million foreign citizens from which over 8,8 million have no legal status?
What to do, when in the country of 4 million homeless?
What to do, when formation - is not present, the culture - is not present, health - is not present, the respect for seniors - is not present?
So to do?

We, as well as you, are firmly convinced, that it is necessary to discharge of the power and to hold up to shame those who has cast the USSR into this devilish chasm and continues to insist on the.

We, as well as you, are firmly convinced, that it is necessary to change this devil mode.

We, as well as you, are firmly convinced what change a situation powerful uniform political force can only.

We are convinced, that such political force is possible only in unity of working intelligency and working class of Russia, and only on a uniform economic platform which will be comprehensible to everything, becomes the basis of a high-quality social, political and spiritual life of all and everyone.

Uniform political force of workers will fill with sense protest movement of Russia and will result in a victory over Putin's antinational mode, Медведевых, Зюгановых, Нарышкиных, Mironovs, Zhirinovskys and other.

Let's create such powerful political force of Russia!

The appendix: About uniform political force of workers on the uniform  

                       To social and economic platform, under the reference:

The Initiative group "New Communists" has started to work on creation of Organizing committee of political party "Party of working class of Russia" / the preliminary name /

Initiative group «New Communists»

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