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The first international Congress политэкономов - Marxists
Информация | 22.09.2012, 08:54
Newspaper "Economic and philosophical Gazeta, №38 (928), September 2012, published the message: (перевод на русский язык читать здесь)

Pay attention to the change of the date of holding the Congress in comparison with the previous announcement: the Congress will be held on 17-18 November 2012, and not 10-11 November, it was reported previously.
The organizing Committee.

at the First international Congress политэкономов - Marxists, which will be held in Moscow on 17-18 November 2012.

20 years have passed after the ban winner of the Russian bourgeoisie Marxist political economy, representing the top of the economic thought. Took place in April this year the Congress политэкономов urged to restore this science, but, in fact, as the bourgeois political economy.
Marxist political economy - is not just a science. This means the transformation of the world. And the Marxists, who recognize the proletarian and revolutionary essence of Marxism, convinced of the inevitable victory of the ideas of socialism, are obliged to constantly hone it never aging weapons.

* Presentation of Marxist political economy as a unified system of objective laws and regularities determining the development of the socio-economic structures, replacing one another in a single process of natural historical development. Inventory and updating of intellectual wealth, which include:
- allocation and securing the provisions of Marxian political economy, which can be recognized as absolute and inalienable, which should put the necessary theoretical base for the practice of the revolutionary movement;
- search and description of those provisions, including the latest laws and trends, which require discussion and clarification and correction;
- definition front of future work - the main directions of further development of Marxist political economy.
* Criticism of the bourgeois and revisionist theories of socialism. Determination of criteria for the demarcation of borders with the representatives of bourgeois political economy. The struggle against all forms of opportunism and revisionism, on the principle: "first we need to split up, and then connect".
* Problems of the labour movement. The ways and methods of introduction of socialist consciousness in the working class movement. Organization of training of the политэкономическим the basics of capitalism and socialism among the workers and the working intelligentsia.
* The problems of the Communist movement and the increase of the avant-garde role of the Communist and workers ' parties.
* Forms and methods of propaganda of Marxism among broad progressive masses of workers.

I. Theoretical foundations of political economy (Marxist).
Subject and method. The priority of class relations in production in the teaching of the conditions of release of the proletariat. Defend the historical and dialectical materialism. Formation and civilization approaches in the periodization of history.
II. Capitalism as a system of exploitation and alienation of the worker from the means of production.
* The mode of production and its interaction with other spheres of add-ins in a single system of capitalist socio-economic structure. The stages of development and the decline of capitalism.
* Material-technical base of capitalism (revolution, practices, stages). The mechanism of interaction between the productive forces and the relations of production.
* The system of production relations of capitalism and their structure. The main and the original attitude. Category, laws, patterns, trends in their unity and systematic approach.
*The stages and tendencies of capitalist socialization of production. The ratio in the development of large-and small-scale production.
*Trends in the development of capitalist ownership and the need for the transition to public ownership of the means of production.
* Commodity - money relations, their transformed form, transformation and undermining.
*The world tendency of rise of workers ' self-management and its role in public forms of management.
* Distribution relationships and their role in the development of socio-economic relations.
* The system of interests and contradictions in the bourgeois society.
* Crises and their role in загнивании of capitalism.
* The problems of globalization of the world capitalist economy and a threat to the life of mankind on the Earth.
* Sunset capitalism and its reserves. Transition of the countries on the path of socialist development. Criteria of maturity of the objective and subjective conditions for the socialist transformation.

III. The Communist formation as a system of overcoming the alienation of the worker from the means of production. Its phases and stages.
1. The period of transition from capitalism to socialism. People's democratic essence of the transition phase and its main tasks. The nature of the contradictions between the capitalist and socialist values, and ways of their resolution. The political form of the state power in the transitional period and its role in the transition to socialism. The length of the transition period. The practice of development of the countries of socialist orientation. Criticism of the theory of convergence.
2. Socialism as the first phase of communism. Features of the methodology of the analysis. The system and the structure of relations, the basic attitude and the original attitude. The system of economic laws, patterns and trends. The problems of the interaction of a specific socialist and общекоммунистических relations. Two main forms of ownership of the means of production, the problem of their interaction and prospects of development. Commodity-money relations (tar) under socialism: the reasons, forms, areas and mechanisms of their actions, their place and role in economic development. Boundaries of the development of the tar and the danger of undermining the socialist relations of market relations. Factors and the prospect of transformation of the goods in the non-commodity. The problem of the relations of distribution under socialism. The development of workers ' self-management and overcoming bureaucracy. Problems of development of the socialization of property as a way of overcoming the alienation of the worker from the means of production. The system of the driving forces of development under socialism. The basic contradiction of socialism. Classes, social groups and contradictions between them. The problem of the political form of the state power. The way withering away of the state. The reasons for the defeat of socialism in the USSR. The main trends of the transition from socialism to a higher phase of communism and its main features.

IV. Criticism of the bourgeois and revisionist theories of socialism and communism.

V. Problems of workers ' and Communist movement (политэкономический opinion).
* Classes, the class struggle and the leading role of the working class in the revolutionary transformations. The working class and the intelligentsia. The problem of the backlog of class struggle on the degree of maturity () of class contradictions. Methods, forms, stages of the class struggle and of the path to power.
* Requirements to the political vanguard of the proletariat in modern conditions and ways of increasing its role in the revolutionary movement. The role of Communists in the approach (approximation) and the use of a revolutionary situation.
* Forms and methods of propaganda of Marxism among broad progressive masses of workers.

The list of issues and questions is open for additions, discussion and correction, will be finally formed ппосле receipt of all applications (up to 1 October this year.) from the participants.

Send requests for participation in the Congress and abstracts for presentations at the address: 105 062, str. Момква, Б.Харитоньевский per., 10 (with a mark for "ЭФГ"), - by e-mail : (with a mark - to PMO). Other contacts: Fax 8 (495) 621-79-20, tel. 8 (903) 283-70-56 (Аристарт Alekseevich Kovalev).
The Congress will be held with organizational and informational support of the "Economic and philosophical newspaper" and Open academic seminar "Marxist readings". Materials of the Congress will be published in a separate book. On the venue of the Congress will be announced later.

For and on behalf of the Initiative group А.А.Ковалев, a member of the editorial Board "ЭВГ", member of the organizing Committee of the seminar "Marxist readings", doctor of economic Sciences.

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